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Finish Recommendations

While most of the material used for your Build A Bar Construction Kit is treated to withstand the elements, we still recommend a finish for the wood.
Bar Top Materials
The bar top surface materials are not treated.  We strongly recommend that you apply a finish product to the bar top surface materials, even if you choose not to apply a finish to the remainder of the wood in your Build A Bar Construction Kit
Pressure treated lumber can be stained, sealed, or painted  Regardless of which method you choose, when finishing the wood, be sure to cover any surfaces or objects nearby to prevent staining or damage.
Staining the Wood
Pressure treated lumber contains moisture that will prevent the wood from absorbing a water based stain. We recommend an oil based stain.
Lumber must be dry enough to properly absorb a stain.  Perform a water sprinkle test to determine when the wood is ready.  Sprinkle water over the wood.  If the wood absorbs the water within ten minutes, then you may proceed with staining.  If not, allow the wood more time to dry out.
Selecting a Stain
Transparent stain has little color.  Semi-transparent stain can add color. Lighter colored stains will allow for the application of darker stain in the future.  Light colors help to prevent heat absorption from sunlight, while darker stains will absorb more heat.
Be sure the surface area of the wood is free of dirt and/or mildew before staining.  Anything on the wood at the time of staining can be trapped within the finish.
Wash wood with a deck cleaner.  Follow instructions on the deck cleaner for best results. Rinse thoroughly with water.  Follow all recommendations given by your chosen stain prior to application.
Follow recommendations given by your chosen stain regarding weather and sunlight conditions.  
Use a pad applicator where space allows.  Use a paintbrush in tight spaces
Apply stain to a small patch of wood to confirm it will appear as desired.  Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.
Sealing the Wood
Using a clear sealant will showcase the natural beauty of the wood.  Avoid using a sealer over wood that has already been stained as stain typically contains a sealing agent.  We recommend using a sealant that is UV repellant.  When applying sealant, follow the same preparation and application methods as for applying stain.
Painting the Wood
Use exterior paint to prevent peeling. 
Use the same preparation methods as for applying stain.  
Apply paint using a bristle brush.
Apply a minimum of two coats of paint.
We recommend using a paint that also contains a primer.

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