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Become a Partner Contractor

Let us welcome you to the Build A Bar team!  We are always looking for contractors to buy and install our outdoor bar construction kits.  Contact us today for more information.

For Contractors: Welcome

How it Works

You buy our kit

As a contractor you purchase one of our outdoor bar construction kits.  The kit will include a pallet and tarp to keep the kit components protected from the elements until you are ready to install it.  We will schedule an appointment with you for pick up.

Take a picture

Here's the easy part.  You simply take a picture of the final installed product and send it to Build A Bar.

You install our kit

You are welcome to negotiate your fee for installation with your customer, and you keep the entire installation fee.

We post your information

After receiving your picture we will post your name, business name, number, email, Facebook, and any other contact information you wish on our website's Partner Contractor list.  You can send us your references and customer reviews and we will be happy to post those as well.  Build A Bar offers you an effective new advertising tool to grow your business!

For Contractors: FAQ
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